NOC Personel Question (Possibly OT)

Donald Stahl don at
Thu Mar 15 13:49:36 UTC 2007

> Anyway, I have a friend who used managed to get "Not A Janitor" on his
> business card.
"Rear Admiral" was my favorite business card title if only because that 
was also the caller ID on my phone (I managed the PBX at the time).

I've seen "Systems/Unix/DNS Ninja." At my current job I make breakfast on 
Thursday mornings for the team I work with- I'm trying to get business 
cards that say either "Head Chef" or "Chief Cook and Bottle Wash."

Before this gets too wildly off-topic- perhaps the original poster can 
comment as to why NOC Specialist is a problem?

We call our level 1 NOC people "Operators." We reserve Network Analyst for 
the level 2 people who also do some small amount of scripting and other 
more advanced troubleshooting. Network Analyst makes me think of Stock 
Analysts, though. The problem is that they aren't very good at telling me 
what kind of returns I can expect on my equipment and what the future 
holds for the network :)

Has anyone thought to clearly define these titles somewhere so that 
everyone can standardize on them?


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