NOC Personel Question (Possibly OT)

Payam payam at
Thu Mar 15 02:32:16 UTC 2007


Maybe Im missing something here but I am not a believe in new
positions/salary just because you are going from a noc to a 24x7 noc.

Now, if you dont already have a noc and want to create the department
and also have it 24/7, I would simply leave have them as Network
Analyst. This would really say what they do on a day to day bases...
analyze the problem, provide that level 1 or 2 support. They should not
be in a position to fix a network issue on a higher level.. such as
ospf/bgp changes and such... (thats more of an engineering....)

Unfortunately, you are going to get noc personals of different skill
levels and as such its not really fair for them to be making the same $
or have the same title... (in a world where people actually cared about
titles) so what you can do is start them off in the same position then
implement a sr/jr role.

-ps. starting salary for a noc analyst in canada is around 35K for
someone with the qualifications but not a lot of real world experience...

just my 2cents
oh and in the world that people care about titles... lets say im an CEO,
CFO , CTO and lets add some cisco stuff .. mmm ccie, ccnp, ccabcdefg =)


Todd Christell wrote:
> Greetings,
> Sorry if this is OT but we are having a discussion with our HR
> department.  We are in the process of getting a 24 X 7 NOC in place and
> HR has a problem with calling them NOC Specialist.  What is the
> generally accepted title?
> Thanks in advance,
> Todd Christell
> SpringNet Network Manager
> 417.831.8688 

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