[funsec] Not so fast, broadband providers tell big users (fwd)

Roland Dobbins rdobbins at cisco.com
Wed Mar 14 19:34:27 UTC 2007

On Mar 14, 2007, at 11:22 AM, Bora Akyol wrote:

> Unfortunately, neither the telcos nor the cable companies quite get
> this. They are stuck to their "channels" and everything is priced in
> terms of channels.

To be fair, part of this onus is on the content developers themselves  
- after all, it's easier to produce something and then have a channel  
take care of distribution for you, rather than having to figure it  
out for yourself.  And of course, the channels don't want their  
business going away, either.  To top it all off, many SPs want to  
become the 'channel' for their customers.

Just another example of how network effects tend to lead to  
disintermediation, which is of course extremely disruptive to  
traditional distribution models.

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