Ethernet won (was: RE: [funsec] Not so fast, broadband...)

bmanning at bmanning at
Wed Mar 14 09:35:34 UTC 2007

On Wed, Mar 14, 2007 at 03:42:32AM +0000, Fergie wrote:
> Perhaps, depending on the last-mile and the consumer/business
> distinction, but up through the late 90's, all that was available
> to consumers (at best) was ISDN in Bell Atlantic territory -- at
> least in Northern Virginia. I left that area around 2000.
> >If you've got the money, they've got the ethernet for you.
> >
> >Unfortunately, "I want it" isn't a good business case.
> >
> True enough, and let's not confuse "business services" with
> "consumer services." The telcos/cablecos don't. :-)
> - - ferg

	perhaps not.  but there is a real issue w/ the number
	of businesses that operate from the home (according to 
	some numbers this is as high as 65% of all US business)
	and the telcos still retain a mindset of business areas
	and residential areas.  It is not possible to get some
	"business services" deployed in a "residential" area.

	For example, the new AT&T wanted to charge me 45,000.00
	for a 120meter build into my home...  it was cheaper 
	to lease office space and then they did the buildout
	for free. The MRC was/is the same.  The point being,
	there are artifical constructs that define where "business"
	and "consumer/residential" services can be offered.

	persuading a telco, one home-based business at a time,
	that regardless of the zoning - there are really 65% of
	those apartments running businesses and want business-class
	services is an exercise in futility.


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