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>    90 to 120 days.   The first 6 locations complete over the next 2 to 6
>    weeks and the vendor that handle the hospitality networks want their
>    addresses now.  The road block has been that ARIN wants us to get the

Perhaps you could work with them to understand why they need to
know their addresses 6 weeks out.  That seems rather silly.

>    In my limited experience ARIN seems to not want to work with the small
>    operator.  Maybe I got someone on a bad day or maybe I am using the

It's not that ARIN doesn't want to work with small operators, but
rather if ARIN had a nickle for everyone who came to them saying
"I'm going to use a /16 in three weeks, really, I promise" it would
be a trillion dollar enterprise, and we would have burned through
all the address space 10 years ago.

Not that it helps you much, but ARIN's policies are 100% created
by the public.  You can submit a policy change, and/or attend a
meeting in an effort to change the policy.  More information is at

The bar is high, but your best chance may be
(, "Immediate Need".
This policy is unfortunately vague, and in fact there are two policy
proposals for the next meeting that make it more clear:

Note that those are not policy yet, but both are being proposed
because of ARIN's staff concerns about how the rubber hits the road,
so to speak.

I suggest you call and talk to a rep on the phone.  Explain your
situation.  I have no doubt they will want to see supporting
documentation (e.g. contracts, network maps) but I believe you have
a chance at getting addresses 30 days out (or so) if everything
looks good.

If I'm completely off base (which is always possible) I'm sure the rep
can tell you the shortest path between you and more IP addresses.

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