[funsec] Not so fast, broadband providers tell big users (fwd)

Mike Hammett nanog at ics-il.net
Wed Mar 14 01:12:47 UTC 2007

Lower frequencies such as TV whitespace and 700 MHz will greatly help the
WISP of today serve areas where current wireless technologies cannot due to
frequency.  WiMAX will have very little coverage advantage over current
wireless technologies.


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On 3/13/07, Roland Dobbins <rdobbins at cisco.com> wrote:
> > There are other technologies better
> > suited to rural deployment, such as satellite, powerline, some cable,
> > or even re-use of the previous generation's ADSL gear once metro areas
> > are upgraded.
> Or something like WiMAX?

Depends on how rural the area is.  Some parts of the US have
problematic terrain and *very* sparse population; there, the cost
would far outweigh the subscriber uptake.  Should someone want
bandwidth in such an area, powerline or satellite are probably better

(I don't mention cell-based wireless technologies, because the
providers in that market space haven't truly awakened to the
possibility of fixed cell termination sites for broadband-type access.
 That is generally seen as a congestion threat, not an opportunity, by
the carriers.)

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