single homed public-peer bandwidth ... pricing survey ?

Joseph Jackson JJackson at
Wed Mar 7 01:47:57 UTC 2007


> On Mar 6, 2007, at 4:51 PM, Jason Arnaute wrote:
> > I am currently hosted in a small, independent
> > datacenter that has 4 or 5 public peers (L3, Sprint,
> > UUnet, AT&T and   ... ?)
> Those are not public peers, those are transit providers.

I think he is confusing his terms.  I believe what he is asking is if he
should go to a *carriers* datacenter (one owned by a carrier) 
Over a private carrier nuetrual datacenter which he is currently in.  My
advice would be to speak to the carriers in the datacenter to
 find out how much bandwidth would be if he bought it directly from


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