single homed public-peer bandwidth ... pricing survey ?

Joseph S D Yao jsdy at
Tue Mar 6 23:05:22 UTC 2007

On Tue, Mar 06, 2007 at 01:51:39PM -0800, Jason Arnaute wrote:
> Hello,
> I am currently hosted in a small, independent
> datacenter that has 4 or 5 public peers (L3, Sprint,
> UUnet, AT&T and   ... ?)
> They are a very nice facility, very technical and
> professional, and have real people on-site 24 hours
> per day ... remote hands, etc.  All very high end and
> well managed.
> But, I am charged between $150 and $180 per megabit/s
> for non-redundant, single-homed bandwidth (not sure
> which provider they put it on) and even if I commit to
> 20 or 30 megabits/s it still only drops down to $100 -
> $120 per megabit/s.
> So naturally, I am very interested when I see HE.NET
> offering bandwidth for $20/mb/s, and it looks like
> Level3 is selling for $30/mb/s...
> Are there two classes of bandwidth in the world ?  Is
> it reasonable and expected that single homed public
> peered bandwidth is, circa Jan 2007, going for above
> $100/mb/s while private peered bandwidth like L3 and
> HE.NET is $30 and below ?
> Or am I just getting ripped off ?
> Where can I go to read and learn more about the
> advantages and disadvantages (from a networking
> standpoint) of switching from an independent, public
> peered datacenter to, say, L3 or HE.NET ?

If I understand correctly, you are comparing the cost of space at a
"very nice" data center which incurs costs that you would otherwise pay
for acreage, building, power, air conditioning, staff for "remote
hands", presumably some physical security, and lots of redundant
bandwidth ... to the cost of some amount of single-source bandwidth,
presumably in bulk.

That bears some resemblance to comparing the cost of a leased limousine
to the sale price of a set of tires, don't you think?

Or am I missing something?

Joe Yao
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