Where are static bogon filters appropriate? was: Bogons

Steven M. Bellovin smb at cs.columbia.edu
Sun Mar 4 17:27:13 UTC 2007

On Sun, 4 Mar 2007 07:46:12 -0800
"Barry Greene (bgreene)" <bgreene at cisco.com> wrote:

> To 'globally' monitor, we have
> http://www.cymru.com/BGP/robbgp-bogon.html and
> http://www.cymru.com/BGP/asnbogusrep.html and
> http://www.cidr-report.org/ and http://www.routeviews.org/ and
> http://www.completewhois.com/bogons/active_bogons.htm. 
> (Steve B, you were looking for data, here are your sources. I'm sure
> Geoff might be persuaded to do a historical graph on the 'Possible
> Bogons.')

I'd love to see a paper based such data.  And I'll suggest that SRUTI
-- http://www.usenix.org/events/sruti07/cfp and yes, I'm the program
chair -- would be a perfect venue for the analysis.

		--Steve Bellovin, http://www.cs.columbia.edu/~smb

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