power problems yesterday (3/26/07) at Level 3 in Atlanta

Berkman, Scott Scott.Berkman at Reignmaker.net
Tue Mar 27 13:52:23 UTC 2007

I can confirm there was a power issue at ATL1 yesterday at about 2:15PM
EST.  What I was told was that there was a main breaker that flipped
that may have been caused by a surge, but they never went to generators.
I have no official details beyond that but they were down for about 30
minutes from what I could see.


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Subject: power problems yesterday (3/26/07) at Level 3 in Atlanta

I'm hearing from one of our carriers about a power problem at Level 3's
Courtland Street facility in Atlanta yesterday that took them completely
Anyone else hear or know anything about this event, if and when it
happened?  Any details?
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