The Choice: IPv4 Exhaustion or Transition to IPv6

Sat Jun 30 14:56:51 UTC 2007

I don't see the problem. I've deployed IPv6 in may web servers, and nothing
failed, we had firewall support for IPv6 most of the time, and otherwise we
used iptables6. The DNS thing has been replied already as I can see.

I think we have lots of documents on-line explaining all this, including our
own IPv6 Portal ( And if answer is not there, let me
know and I will try to create a new document for you about that specific

In fact, the problem may be that there are *too many* documents, and too
much to read, so my recommendation is *start now* with a very practical mind
set, at least with a pilot.


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> John Curran wrote:
>> Steve -
>>     For the first end site that has to connect via IPv6,
>>     it will be very bad if there is not a base of IPv6
>>     web/email sites already in place.
> As the network administrator for a Web hosting company, I've not seen
> any coherent (and useful) information about how I can provide both IPv6
> addressing and IPv4 addressing for the sites I host.  I'm in the process
> of doing OS upgrades, and IPv6 is included...but currently I shut off
> IPv6 because I don't have a IPv6 firewall solution yet.
> That includes DNS, by the way.  I'm deploying new DNS servers, and would
> be *very* interested in how to convince BIND 9.2.4 to answer IPv6 queries.
> Another issue:  the Plesk Web control panel software from SW-Soft
> doesn't seem to have any support for IPv6.  The CPanel Web Host Manager
> at least lets me create AAAA records in zone files, so roughly 1/3 of my
> customers *could* have IPv6 capability.
> Lurkers:  tutorials welcome.

The IPv6 Portal:

Bye 6Bone. Hi, IPv6 !

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