IPv6 & DNS

JORDI PALET MARTINEZ jordi.palet at consulintel.es
Fri Jun 29 22:57:30 UTC 2007

This is one more reason, some OSs may not support IPv6 DNS transport, so you
need to keep dual stack.

Also, if roots/TLDs do not support yet IPv6, you will need to have at least
a dual stack DNS in your network.

I think in the long term we will be there, using IPv6-only in LANs, but
don't see the reason, at least not an immediate one, unless you've a very
specific scenario/business case, and then you probably need to have
translators at the edge, and then it may resolve the DNS issue also for you.


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> --- Barrett Lyon <blyon at blyon.com> wrote:
>> I don't see any v6 glue there...  Rather than having
>> conversations  
>> about transition to IPv6, maybe we should be sure it
>> works natively  
>> first?  It's rather ironic to think that for v6 DNS
>> to work an  
>> incumbent legacy protocol is still required.
> Consider that Windows XP (and server 2k3) will not,
> under any circumstance, send a DNS request over IPv6,
> and yet they were widely considered "IPv6 compliant."
> Consider also how long it took to get a working way of
> telling autoconfigured hosts about which DNS servers
> to use (without manually entering 128-bit addresses).
> To me, the above show that the bulk of the actual
> deployments were in dual-stack or tunnel environments,
> and greenfield implementations were few and far
> between.  There's a surprising amount of unexplored
> "here be dragons" territory in IPv6, given how long
> some very smart people have been working on it.
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