ICANN registrar supporting v6 glue?

Barrett Lyon blyon at blyon.com
Fri Jun 29 16:23:59 UTC 2007

> If you deploy dual-stack, it is much easier to keep doing the DNS  
> queries
> using IPv4 transport, and there is not any practical advantage in  
> doing so
> with IPv6 transport.

Thanks Jordi, not to sound too brash but, I'm already doing so.  I am  
trying not to deploy a hacked v6 service which requires an incumbent  
legacy protocol to work.

> Of course, is nice to have IPv6 support in as many DNS  
> infrastructure pieces
> as possible, and a good signal to the market. Many TLDs already do,  
> and the
> root servers are moving also in that direction. Hopefully then the  
> rest of
> the folks involved in DNS move on.

I would like to support v6 so a native v6 only user can still  
communicate with my network, dns and all, apparently in practice that  
is not easy to do, which is somewhat ironic given all of the v6 push  
lately.  It also seems like the roots are not even fully supporting  
this properly?


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