The Choice: IPv4 Exhaustion or Transition to IPv6

Aaron Daubman daubman at
Thu Jun 28 17:27:30 UTC 2007

Chuck et. al;

On 6/28/07, chuck goolsbee <chucklist at> wrote:
> You left out:  The "killer-app."
> Compelling content *only* available via the alternative technology.
> The IPv-ONLY google/porn/web/tube/iphone/whatever that enough people
> want/desire/need/are-willing-to-pay-for to move the network to IPv6.

Dancing turtles and possible future v6-only porn-repositories aside, I
was recently recently wondering about another end-user v6 enticement
that I'm sure must have been considered but which I haven't seen
proposed before.

I wonder what it would take to convince a major online retailer
(Amazon?), an auction site (eBay?) or even transaction handlers
(google checkout, paypal?) to put up v6 portals that offered
across-the-board (or even select) discounts to customers coming in
through their v6-only portal?

Perhaps I'm simply too naive, but I would imagine that even a small %
discount (from within the business' profit margin) would be incentive
enough to get customers to at least start asking how they can get
access to this cheaper IPv6 portal... (the lengths many people will go
to to save a little money, often even spending more than they save in
the process, is amazing in and of itself)

...I would think it would also cause additional publicity for the
sites from the ensuing (even if only in the tech community) news
reporting, and that there may even be future gov't incentives
(write-off the discount?) for such practices.

Just some thoughts...

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