Security gain from NAT: Top 5

Jo Rhett jrhett at
Wed Jun 27 00:06:04 UTC 2007

On Jun 6, 2007, at 9:43 PM, Owen DeLong wrote:
>>   #1 NAT advantage: it protects consumers from vendor
>>   lock-in.
> Speaking of FUD...  NAT does nothing here that is not also  
> accomplished
> through the use of PI addressing

If you completely ignore the cost of routing table growth to give  
every company their own PI, sure.

>>   #2  NAT advantage: it protects consumers from add-on
>>   fees for addresses space.
> More FUD.  The correct solution to this problem is to make it possible
> for end users to get reasonable addresses directly from RIRs for
> reasonable fees.

Reasonable is a hard word.  We've had to turn away customers who  
wanted to assign a /27 to each and every machine, without actual  
justification for more than 3 IPs per machine.  Sometimes people want  
to do insane things that aren't technically reasonable, but it's what  
they want to do.  NAT gives them that option.

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