AUP/autoresponders, rehashed

Jo Rhett jrhett at
Tue Jun 26 23:56:01 UTC 2007

On Jun 26, 2007, at 2:09 PM, Deepak Jain wrote:
> That said, a very simple way to handle it is to separate your mail  
> (whether its procmail, a separate mailbox, a + rule in your name,  
> or what have you) to automatically catch these "horrible"  
> autoresponders into a box that doesn't clutter your critical mail.  
> I think that's how most of us do it.

Wow.  Dude.  Filtering my mail into folders?  Gee, what a keen new  
idea you have there!  I've only been doing that for... lets put it  
this way, UUCP was the primary mail transport when I first started  
doing that.

Why oh why do people post nonsense like this on a list supposed to be  
full of operators?

> I think someone suggests the above everytime a discussion comes up.  
> In the spirit of "a very simple solution", everyone can be their  
> own dictator of their own mailbox -- they don't need to protect the  
> rest of the list, or develop a consensus for change. Just fix it  
> for yourself. This is a time-honored NANOG tradition, at least when  
> it comes to email.

No.  What you are suggesting is that I waste a minute or two for  
every ignorant or uncaring person on this list.  I don't have that  
kind of time.  This is supposed to be an operators list.  If you  
can't meet a very simple baseline guide for not being an idiot, you  
should be removed from the list.

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