it was damp in belleview

Randy Bush randy at
Sun Jun 24 01:56:51 UTC 2007

>> i.e., it's time to turn it off.  you are damaging your customers and
>> others' customers.
> There is a growing number of "Tier 1" NSPs who do not dampen anymore (or
> at least they don't dampen their customers).

damping one's customers has never been very sane.  they pay us to put up
with their <bleep>.  damping a customer is direct death to them.  i wish
all my competitors did that.

damping one's peers has been another matter.  this is what caused the
nanog meeting prefix to be widely damped, and this is the issue i am

and, if you tell us that you need to damp in order to save your routers
from drowning from churn, then you had best stand up and cry "bs!" when
 dave and john they tell us two million prefixes is just fine.  and your
rir attendees had best be on the very prefix-count-conservative side in
rir pi space allocation discussions.


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