TransAtlantic Cable Break

Alexander Koch efraim at
Sat Jun 23 14:22:11 UTC 2007


are you actually fishing and / or hoping for comments and
mails directly to you to then tell your story and sell some?
You throw so many pieces in here and there, it sounds like
advertising, like your daily promotional verses all in one
email thread. Despite your comments being all so innocent,
this is not isp-bandwidth...

So at the minimum make your role clear for everyone, and
play with open cards. And save yourself the .sig and the
disclaimer please...


On Fri, 22 June 2007 12:07:06 -0400, Roderick S. Beck wrote:
> You would be surprised at how many don't split their traffic among several
> cable systems or if they do split, do due diligence on the terrestrial
> backhaul that most of these cables share on the US and UK sides.
> There is lot of cost pressure in the IP market and it is very tempting to
> give all the business to one system in order to maximize cost savings.
> And even those players who do split their traffic among the 7 major
> TransAtlantic cables, many are not aware that six of those systems share
> the conduit coming off the UK beaches. Six cables in one duct ...
> >
> >> Tell that to the 10 gig wave customers who lost service. Very few cable
> >> systems provide protection at the 10 gig wave level.
> >
> > But surely you knew that going into the deal and did something about it?
> >
> > Neil.
> >
> >
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