Backhoes and restoration (was: TransAtlantic Cable Break)

Deepak Jain deepak at
Fri Jun 22 21:19:23 UTC 2007

> One backhoe hit took out the first half of the cable, but the digger
> realized he goofed and stopped.  The fiber company then cut the
> rest of the bundle to cleanly fix the cut... without warning anyone
> who was running on their failover protected circuit that something
> might be about to happen.

I've seen this too. Part of a cable is cut, but they need to cut 
everything in order to repair the part that's cut.

The good news is that the restoration crew is already on-site when you 
report the outage. Uhh.. the bad news, is well, that you are down.

We don't give credit in this forum, but backhoe/turbo-shark operators 
are getting smarter about things in the ground, imo. The national 
security and litigation/root-cause paperwork are almost as scary as gas 
mains nowadays.


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