Software or PHP/PERL scripts for simple network management?

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Wed Jun 20 04:15:51 UTC 2007

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> Do Pilosoft supply such a product? All the ones I tried so far suck soo
> much that I could never use them.
> Right now we manage address space with mysql and perl scripts...

Carnegie Mellon's NetReg <> (*) is an open 
source system that provides a pretty complete IP Address Management 
toolset, including management of DNS & DHCP configurations for ISC 
bind/dhcpd.  We manage DNS & DHCP for 50K machines, and NetReg does it all. 
It is available under an OSS license and is in use at several other 
locations. NetReg provides a self service web interface with flexible 
permissions, privilege delegation, IP address space management, DNS record 
validation, and more.

As the current primary developer of the system I'm a bit biased, but I 
think its a great system. It has a steep learning curve, and the 
documentation leaves something to be desired (like a tech writer...), but 
once you hit a certain scale the benefits outway the cost. On our site 
you'll find several screen shots and a working demo with some base data you 
can experiment with, but obviously the full power of the system isn't 
utilized until you have lots of data and can see the resulting zones & 
config files.

There is an active mailing list, feel free to join it and ask questions.

*: Not to be confused with Southwestern University's NetReg, which is a 
completely different system developed in parallel around the same time.

-David Nolan
 Network Software Designer
 Computing Services
 Carnegie Mellon University

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