FBI tells the public to call their ISP for help

Frank Bulk frnkblk at iname.com
Sun Jun 17 02:58:25 UTC 2007

The Billy Goat product only seems to detect and notify nefarious activity,
but it does nothing for the owned clients.

I want something that restricts my owned subscribers to downloading updates
and tools while preventing them from spewing forth more spam and the like.
Mirage Networks is the closest to it, from my limited knowledge.


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Frank Bulk wrote:
> Let me buy an appliance that handles that
> DNS/filtering/firewalling/updating/etc for owned machines, one that has
> MSFT's blessing, and that just requires policy-based routing and handing
> special DNS server IPs.

Please see one of:

and various others. Billy Goats can do exactly at least the jailing part
and most likely there are other similar services that provide the same
functionality. The upgrade portion really depends on the installed
software base of course. Without somebody actually doing the upgrade and
most likely not even removing the virus/bot etc in place, not much can
be done in that area, especially in non-ISP environments where you don't
have root on the PC. This portion at least quarantines the box and then
allows you to simply instruct the user in the common methods of battling
the problem that the user has.


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