24x7 Support Strategies

Hank Nussbacher hank at efes.iucc.ac.il
Fri Jun 15 04:17:27 UTC 2007

On Thu, 14 Jun 2007, Daniel J McDonald wrote:

> The CCIE Lab used to be like an oral exam.  Two days, pretty much
> one-on-one with two proctors.  There were four guys in the facility when
> I took the lab, and I didn't see them at all other than the 30 minute
> orientation to the lab and for an hour at supper (supervised by the
> proctors).  I understand it has shrunk significantly now.

CCIE salaries have not increased that much in the past 3 years.

Of the 14,000+ CCIEs:
in 2004 the average salary was $102K:
whereas in 2007 it is now closer to $90K:
although here they list it here as $116K:


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