24x7 Support Strategies

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OK guys..... I get it...... you are not cert fans. I did mention that
when I interview candidates, the most knowledgeable gets the position.

Did I mention that I can take an engine or transmission apart, then put
it back together? ( or have it on a bench unseen and reassemble it...
just a hobby ) We got way off track here.... I'll end this thread

Enjoy !


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On Thu, 14 Jun 2007, Patrick Giagnocavo wrote:

> Vegetable oil can degrade much faster than diesel.
> What you really want is a large pond at the top of a hill, and another
> large pond at the bottom of the same hill.
> When utility prices are low, pump the water to the upper pond.  When
> power is needed, have your installed hydropower setup allow water to
> flow through the turbine from the upper pond to the lower pond.
> In a city, a very large tank located at the top of the building and an
> equally large one in the bottom with a pipe between the two, should
> suffice.  Remember that the "head" or height difference is a large
> factor in determining how much power a hydro setup can generate.
I just wanted to give a little bit more perspective on above: 1 liter of

diesel fuel contains approx 10000WH. 

1 liter of water pumped 100 meters up has a potential energy of .272WH

It takes a *lot* of water to provide a measurable difference for a 
datacenter of any significant size...


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