Thoughts on best practice for naming router infrastructure in DNS

K K kkadow at
Thu Jun 14 20:25:52 UTC 2007

On 6/14/07, randal k <nanog at> wrote:
> This particular issue has been confounding to work around as well. The issue
> of constantly updating DNS to match the current topology is a pain, but in
> my opinion, very necessary.

I'm not entirely convinced DNS records for every possible interface
address are needed, in part because it's so difficult to keep them
updated with topology changes over time.

I think the first step is to choose a standard subdomain for
infrastructure, like "".  The next step (the last step
in many companies) is to populate forward and reverse DNS for the
"source interface" and managed IP of each device, so you can at least
resolve the IP which the router will use when sending traps, NTP,
TACACS+ and other  requests, and to keep the NMS sane.


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