FBI tells the public to call their ISP for help

Chris Adams cmadams at hiwaay.net
Thu Jun 14 18:45:50 UTC 2007

Once upon a time, John Levine <johnl at iecc.com> said:
> I realize it's not a technical problem, although I suspect there are
> some technical twiddles that could help, e.g., persuading Microsoft to
> put the update servers in their own ASN to make it easier to put them
> in a sandbox.  And I realize that Microsoft's combination of arrogance
> and naivete can make them painful to deal with.

$ dig download.windowsupdate.com
;download.windowsupdate.com.	IN	A
download.windowsupdate.com. 3411 IN	CNAME	main.dl.wu.akadns.net.
main.dl.wu.akadns.net.	111	IN	CNAME	dom.dl.wu.akadns.net.
dom.dl.wu.akadns.net.	111	IN	CNAME	dl.wu.ms.edgesuite.net.
dl.wu.ms.edgesuite.net.	8080	IN	CNAME	a26.ms.akamai.net.
a26.ms.akamai.net.	20	IN	A
a26.ms.akamai.net.	20	IN	A

If you have Akamai servers, the IPs will be on your network (and of
course shared with many other sites).  You'd have to limit access with a
limited DNS server (since few will use or even know IPs to visit) that
only gives out DNS for certain hosts/domains.

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