Peering matrix information at IXPs

Joe Provo nanog-post at
Thu Jun 14 10:20:02 UTC 2007

On Wed, Jun 13, 2007 at 06:47:30PM +0200, Daniele Arena wrote:
> Traffic matrices (at least up to now and AFAIK) have only been built
> by traffic measurements by IXPs whose switches all support sFlow. Not
> all switches do, so not many IXPs have that feature.
> Several IXPs have traffic matrices built on data entered manually.
> That is usually not too reliable as people forget to update the
> peering data after having updated their peerings on the routers.

Not to mention that even at member-driven IXes, you will find 
members who believe they can keep their AS-level adjacencies 
secret and opt-out.  IMO, a major reason you don't see much 
traction for this data in larger/non-co-op IXes (most of the US,

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