UK ISPs v. US ISPs (was RE: Network Level Content Blocking)

Stephen Sprunk stephen at
Sun Jun 10 01:58:55 UTC 2007

Thus spake "Kradorex Xeron" <admin at>
> From my view, ISPs should continue their role as "passing the
> packets" and not say what their users can or cannot view. It's
> when ISPs start interfering with what their users do is when we
> will run into legal, political and otherwise issues that I'm sure
> none of us want to see.

IIRC, AOL got whacked by a court years ago because they censored some chat 
rooms and not others.  The court held that since they censored some content, 
they lost their status as a common carrier and were liable for other content 
they didn't censor (either by intent or mistake).  This was a particularly 
interesting case, since the implication was that ISPs who _don't_ censor 
content _are_ common carriers, which I don't think has otherwise been 
touched upon in the US.


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