UK ISPs v. US ISPs (was RE: Network Level Content Blocking)

William Allen Simpson william.allen.simpson at
Sat Jun 9 23:08:45 UTC 2007

Sean Donelan wrote:
> UK ISP associations have developed a centralized blocking solution with 
> IWF providing the decision making of what to filter.  90% of the UK 
> broadband users accept the same "voluntary" decisions about what to filter.
I have not seen any evidence presented that *any* "UK broadband users"
either *know* about or "accept" the "voluntary" decisions of their ISP,
made for them in their 'Net Nanny role.

Could you point to the URL for this scientific polling data?

> On the other hand, US ISP associations have advocated for decentralized 
> blocking solutions, leaving the decision to parents and multiple content 
> filtering companies.  US ISP associations have been active in this area
> since the early 1990's, although US ISP associations seem to only last so
> long before they disappear and a new association springs up.
And that has not worked out well for us.  No continuity, no effective
lobbying organization.  Where, oh where, are CIX, ISP/C, et alia?

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