Network Level Content Blocking (UK) for people who cant be bothered to read the article..

Leigh Porter leigh.porter at
Fri Jun 8 13:46:45 UTC 2007

Why did they even go for him in the fist place?
Has anybody heard of operation Ore in the UK? It looks like a bit of a 
disaster, who would have thought that stolen credit Card details would 
have been used to buy illegal porn?


Alexander Harrowell wrote:
> Well, it seems to be a standard operating procedure that anyone in a
> high profile case gets accused of possessing "child porn" via
> anonymous leaks from the police to the national press. (See the Forest
> Gate incident - not only did they tear the guy's house apart looking
> for nonexistent "chemical weapons", they "accidentally" shot him, then
> they briefed the tabloids that his computer was riddled with evil
> images of children. Naturally, he was never prosecuted for same.)
> If any UK ISP is willing to NOT do this, you've got my business.

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