Researchers Chart Internet's 'Black Holes'

Jeroen Massar jeroen at
Thu Jun 7 17:05:37 UTC 2007

Hank Nussbacher wrote:
> "Despite its robust appearance, more than 10 percent of the internet
> flickers out like a candle every day, according to researchers who
> unveiled on Wednesday an experimental tool that probes the network's
> dark places.

I couldn't make it up from the slides or the terse text, but I am
wondering how much information you can really deduce from BGP, yes it
says "they don't have that prefix", but for the rest, even if an ISP has
a  prefix it doesn't mean that any packet can flow from A to B. Doing
traceroutes from a remote site doesn't help as that is just C to A or B.

Better "Internet Hubble Telescopes" are therefor:

TTM is deployed globally around the world and does traceroutes/pings/bgp
monitoring and a lot more to see where problems are, you can get a peek
at what it can show you at: courtesy
of SWITCH in Switzerland.

If you want an "IPv6 Hubble" you can check up GRH which has provided
that kind of information for quite some time already.


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