Network Level Content Blocking (UK)

Jeroen Massar jeroen at
Thu Jun 7 15:27:04 UTC 2007

Joe Abley wrote:
> Anyway, how does BT's cleanfeed work? How are British 3G operators doing
> equivalent blocking? I'd be interested in learning about the
> implementation.

I wonder how this solves the, from what I found out, common situation
that people rent cheap "root servers" in a country like Germany where
they VPN into and thus have full access to everything.

Or for that matter any form of VPN or other remote access.

The only thing that this 'content blocking' solves is that pops&moms who
don't have any clue about the Internet at all will be deprived from some
freedom, that the government can look into everything claiming that
everything on the Internet is p0rn (which is not so far from the truth
according to some :).

All the folks who really want to access icky pictures will do so any way
by using something very simple called HTTPS or any other form of
encrypted access and work arounds like VPN's, Tor, Open proxies and the
myriad of other ways that are possible.

Takes a little bit of effort, but hey, does it matter, you at least get
to get your daily feed of icky stuff and you can say to the government
"oh I thought it was okay as it was not blocked by your filter".

Btw, the 90% quote given is of course a marvelous thing when you have a
single organization which has almost a monopoly ;)

I wonder which companies are going to provide the 'solutions' to this
problem and how well they sponsored various people of the government.

Long live VPN's!


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