NAT Multihoming

Donald Stahl don at
Mon Jun 4 15:12:55 UTC 2007

>> The last time I renumbered, I found that quite a few people were not
>> honoring the TTLs I put in my DNS zone files. [...] Custom customer
>> zone files hosted elsewhere?
> Do not forget that applications have their own caches, too, and they
> typically ignore completely the DNS TTL. A typical Web brower calls
> getaddrinfo() once and use the IP address as long as it is not
> restarted.
Not to mention java's caching which has screwed me up more times than I 
care to think about. I sincerley wish Sun had disabled it by default- I 
really don't think it's the JRE's responsibility to cache name service 
lookups- at least not by default.


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