Providers that carry IPv6

Jeroen Massar jeroen at
Mon Jun 4 07:58:31 UTC 2007

Krichbaum, Eric wrote:
> I saw this question a while ago but no (maybe one) answers.  Who does
> have IPv6 in production today.  Of the top ten for
> example?

You can check the routing tables for which ASN's are active or check
the DFP list to see if they have an, active, allocation.

Of course yelling at them that you want connectivity by calling their
head sales guy up is also a great thing.

There are a number of great transits who can provide you IPv6 transit,
 Tiscali,Easynet,NTT/Verio come to mind amongst others (still early
here I might miss some good ones out). Check the above URL for more of

Personally, I would give any participant in GRH a 'they are cool', for
the mere fact that they allow their routes to be published and thus
give an open view and clarity into their network.

> Is there anyone out that would supply an ISP with a tunnel to v6 routes?

Please at least honor:

Don't go tunneling around the world as some people still do :(


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