NANOG 40 agenda posted

Donald Stahl don at
Sun Jun 3 19:35:29 UTC 2007

> 	Not speaking directly for my employer (in any official capacity
> that is), but it's is *not* as easy as as just IPv6 enabling our network,
> enabling ipv6 on the servers, and putting up Currently,
> the biggest roadblock we have is loadbalancer support (or, more
> specificly, lack of thereof) for IPv6 (hell, we still can't even get a
I don't know what load balancer you use but all the testing I've done with 
my F5's has worked out. Granted I'm sure I've forgotten to test some stuff 
along they way but it simply hasn't been an issue during the initial 
testing. Considering they support IPv6 gateway and IPv6 proxy modules you 
can generally make things work in your environment.

I would like to know when Foundry's LB's are going to support IPv6 (unless 
I missed an announcement they still don't).

That said- your v6 support does not have to match your v4 support to at 
least allow you to begin testing. You could set up a single server with v6 
support, test, and not worry about it affecting production.

Obviously the drive and motivation is different for different companies. 
Personally- I just want to get it implemented sooner rather than later so 
I have as much time as possible to track down bugs before normal people 
start using it.


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