NANOG 40 agenda posted

Igor Gashinsky igor at
Sun Jun 3 17:57:42 UTC 2007

:: Isn't his point that y! could offer IPv6 e-mail in parallel to the
:: existing IPv4 service, putting the IPv6 machines in a subdomain
::, so that end users and networks who want to do it can
:: do so without bothering the others?

	Not speaking directly for my employer (in any official capacity 
that is), but it's is *not* as easy as as just IPv6 enabling our network, 
enabling ipv6 on the servers, and putting up Currently, 
the biggest roadblock we have is loadbalancer support (or, more 
specificly, lack of thereof) for IPv6 (hell, we still can't even get a 
stable version of code that does IPv4 SACK/other useful tcp options in 
some LB modes). 

	Once we get past that, I'm sure something else will be an issue 
(as it has in the past), but believe me, we *are* actively working towards 
v6, it is just a slow process right now with a lot of moving pieces, and 
an obvious mandate not to negatively impact the current v4 infrastructure...


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