Paul Vixie vixie at vix.com
Sat Jun 2 18:16:28 UTC 2007

> Although ISPs tend to let packets with RFC 1918 source addresses slip  
> out from time to time, ...

maybe some isp's, or even most isp's in some parts of the world, but not
isp's in general.  we see a continuous barrage of rfc1918-sourced queries
at f-root, along with a continuous blast of rfc1918-related updates in
AS112.  i don't think you want to use RFC 1918 as your poster child for
getting filtering right.

> ... they're actually pretty good at rejecting RFC 1918 routes: currently,
> route-views.oregon-ix.net doesn't have the, or
> networks in its BGP table (there are two entries for
>, though). So in IPv4 the magic is of sufficiently quality.

route-views is run by competent people, and the networks who feed routing
tables to it are usually run by competent people.  filtering this kind of
trash is probably a normal part of operations for this class of networks.
i don't think you can use route-views as a poster child for filtering having
been gotten right.
Paul Vixie

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