IPv6 Training?

Gaurab Raj Upadhaya gaurab at lahai.com
Fri Jun 1 08:03:36 UTC 2007


there have been regular IPv6 workshops both at APRICOT (www.apricot.net) 
and SANOG (www.sanog.org), for the last few years.

Nathan Ward wrote:
>> self-guided)? Looking to send several 1st and 2nd tier guys, for some
>> platform/vendor-agnostic training.
>> Any clues?
> If you want books, http://safari.oreilly.com/.

We have used the  'IPv6 Network Administration' by Murphy & Malone as 
supplementary material for the above workshops and would recommend it. 
You know it's a good book for operators when the authors have taken pain 
to contact RIPE-NCC and put in a whole sub-chapter on RIR policies etc..

Of course, YMMV,


   -- gaurab

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