Google wants to be your Internet

Mark D. Kaye mark at
Tue Jan 30 20:04:25 UTC 2007


PIX/ASA Supports IPv6 Apparently, see below.

Don't know anyone who has tested it yet though ;-)


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On 29-Jan-2007, at 20:12, Brandon Galbraith wrote:

> On 1/29/07, Henning Brauer <hb-nanog at> wrote:
> * Joseph S D Yao <jsdy at> [2007-01-30 01:59]:
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> > IPv6 firewalls?  Where?  Good ones?
> OpenBSD's pf has support for v6 for years now.
> Do a fair amount of appliance firewalls support it?

To be fair, I think the question was about good firewalls, not  


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