Westin Seattle Outage?

Bradley Urberg Carlson buc at visi.com
Mon Jan 29 19:41:34 UTC 2007

On Jan 27, 2007, at 1:00 AM, chuck goolsbee wrote:

> The flatliner was XO, and it seems that it may not even touch the 
> Westin (instead goes to 1000 Denny.) I still don't know what happened 
> there. It did come back after 86 minutes of eerie silence. Anyone else 
> with XO circuits see anything odd tonight?

Our Minneapolis BGP session to XO dropped at Jan 26 23:08:03 CST (21:08 
PST) for 52 minutes.  A colo customer in a second XO facility in 
Minneapolis appeared to be unreachable for the same period.  The 
reported cause was a problem during planned maintenance, requiring 
reboot of multiple routers.  I was wondering whether XO might have hit 
a snag while responding to the Cisco advisory.  If your XO link doesn't 
touch Westin, then perhaps the timing was coincidence?

--Bradley Urberg-Carlson

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