who was the last legit spammer?

Etaoin Shrdlu shrdlu at deaddrop.org
Mon Jan 29 15:52:14 UTC 2007

Matthew Black wrote:

>  Jon Lewis <jlewis at lewis.org> wrote:
>> On Sun, 28 Jan 2007, Travis H. wrote:
>>> Hey, was discussing something from the long distant past recently.
>>> Specifically it was my memory of the last legitimate spamhaus...
>> "Legit spammer"?  Perhaps you're thinking of Sanford Wallace's 
>> cyberpromo and AGIS?
>> http://www.cctec.com/maillists/nanog/historical/9710/msg00018.html
> Kanter & Seagal's Green Card spam? I think they were the first
> wide-spread spam. Anyone recall the year/date? I'm thinking 1993.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canter_&_Siegel (April 12, 1994)

Perhaps you are thinking of Clarence L Thomas IV, who posted the day
after the Northridge quake (also in 1994), with a post about the coming
end of the war.


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