Westin Seattle Outage?

John van Oppen john at vanoppen.com
Sat Jan 27 16:55:34 UTC 2007

This was not a building wide problem; apparently it did serve to find
the failed UPSes in a few places.   The building management does these
tests several times a year, and at least to the one colo where we had
visibility to the building electrical service, we saw the same outages
we always see during such a test.

It is also worth noting, that I only saw one of about 60 BGP sessions
across the Seattle-IX (which is in the building) reset at the time of
the work.  


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We too had probs.  I saw only two outages, one around 8PM PDT and one
around 9:45PM PDT.  I called during the first one, and the people I
to were obviously in a state, and I had trouble hearing anyone, as they
were in an extremely loud part of the data center or something.  From
I could understand through the noise of some really loud fans or a
generator, there was a power test of some kind, and a generator flaked
something.  I've requested more detailed info, but have yet to receive
>From what I understand, it affected more than just one provider.

--Rick Kunkel

On Fri, 26 Jan 2007, chuck goolsbee wrote:

> >We just saw one of our gig-e circuits to the Westin bounce three 
> >times and another just go flatline in the past hour.
> Answering my own question I know, but the OnFiber/Qwest guys I spoke 
> to informed me that they heard the Westin had some sort of backup 
> power scheduled maintenance go wrong. That was the 3 bouncer. I still 
> wouldn't mind independent verification of that.
> The flatliner was XO, and it seems that it may not even touch the 
> Westin (instead goes to 1000 Denny.) I still don't know what happened 
> there. It did come back after 86 minutes of eerie silence. Anyone 
> else with XO circuits see anything odd tonight?
> --chuck
> Note to XO NOC: Your hold music is *awful* and on a way too short 
> loop. It is bad enough when it is bad music, but to hear it over and 
> over and over... for well over an hour, is customer torture.

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