Westin Seattle Outage?

chuck goolsbee chucklist at forest.net
Sat Jan 27 07:00:32 UTC 2007

>We just saw one of our gig-e circuits to the Westin bounce three 
>times and another just go flatline in the past hour.

Answering my own question I know, but the OnFiber/Qwest guys I spoke 
to informed me that they heard the Westin had some sort of backup 
power scheduled maintenance go wrong. That was the 3 bouncer. I still 
wouldn't mind independent verification of that.

The flatliner was XO, and it seems that it may not even touch the 
Westin (instead goes to 1000 Denny.) I still don't know what happened 
there. It did come back after 86 minutes of eerie silence. Anyone 
else with XO circuits see anything odd tonight?


Note to XO NOC: Your hold music is *awful* and on a way too short 
loop. It is bad enough when it is bad music, but to hear it over and 
over and over... for well over an hour, is customer torture.

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