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Dwight A. Ernest dwight at
Thu Jan 25 19:49:55 UTC 2007

I don't see what "reasonable" has to do with it. If you don't like it, 
and you have a choice, vote with your pocketbook by taking your business 

If you don't have a choice, and your carrier knows it, then you have 
little recourse except where it might affect business elsewhere.

I would use whatever stick or carrot I could, but reasonableness only 
rarely enters into carrier business ethics.

Robert Sherrard wrote:
> Is it unreasonable to ask a carrier to perform a site survey, before 
> quoting out an install? I am looking to pull some fiber into a building 
> that is off net, and I cannot get my potential carrier to perform a site 
> survey.
> My reason for concern is that the NRC / install is 18k, and they have 
> already conceded that the fiber is less than 40ft from my building, and 
> that the install should be relativity easy (conduit / everything already 
> in place). I am being quoted worse case scenario, and should the install 
> not go as much as 18k, I still need to fork out 18k. I feel like I have 
> a rep who is being greedy, and that I am subsidizing their business 
> model for future tenants.
> Thoughts?
> Rob

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