Cable-Tying with Waxed Twine

Ian Mason nanog at
Thu Jan 25 15:47:32 UTC 2007

On 25 Jan 2007, at 04:41, Larry Beaulieu wrote:

>> The other thing I found interesting; The use of Zip Ties on Copper  
>> Cabling
>> is frowned upon by BICSI.  Velcro preferred.
>> Something to do with the compression on a twisted-pair cable  
>> caused by
>> over-tight nylon cable ties screwing with their twist rates, and thus
>> changing their Crosttalk characteristics...
> Yep.
> For starters, the stuff that Dan Mahoney is looking for is properly  
> known as
> waxed linen lacing cord.  In a past life I used to order the stuff  
> made
> by Ludlow Textiles through Graybar, their part # back then was  
> 89039323. It's
> not always in stock in individual stores.
> Lacing is a lot slower than using platic ties, and doing it is  
> rough on your
> fingers.  If you're lucky you know a data tech who can show you how  
> to do it
> properly, it's really not something that you can just describe in  
> writing.

The UK avionics industry used to (and may still) use thin PVC tube  
for lacing
- kind of like thin insulated wire without the wire. It's got several  

1) Much kinder on the fingers
2) It stretches, which:-
    a) minimises the risk of overtightening it
    b) the elasticity keeps it snug, it doesn't work loose over time  
as easily
3) it doesn't rot

And yes, I am old enough to know how to do it. But I disagree with  
Randy (what's new)
I'm more of a Techosaur than a Telephant.


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