[cacti-announce] Cacti 0.8.6j Released (fwd)

Ray Burkholder ray at oneunified.net
Thu Jan 25 12:10:33 UTC 2007

> But to start with, just solving the data storage problem is a 
> good place to start. If someone can create a specialized 
> network monitoring database that scales, then the rest of the 
> toolkit will be much easier to deal with. Note that people 
> have done a lot of research on this sort of time-series 
> database. People working in high-energy physics also have to 
> deal with massive sets of time-series data.
> There is plenty of literature out there to help guide a 
> design effort. But Open-Source developers don't usually do 
> this kind of up-front research before starting coding.
> Money and manpower won't solve that kind of problem.

How about something like:

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