Colocation in the US.

Gary Buhrmaster gtb at
Thu Jan 25 04:32:57 UTC 2007

Paul Vixie wrote:
> i'm spec'ing datacenter space at the moment, so this is topical.  at 10kW/R
> you'd either cool ~333W/SF at ~30sf/R, or you'd dramatically increase sf/R
> by requiring a lot of aisleway around every set of racks (~200sf per 4R
> cage) to get it down to 200W/SF, or you'd compromise on W/R.  i suspect
> that the folks offering 10kW/R are making it up elsewhere, like 50sf/R
> averaged over their facility.  (this makes for a nice-sounding W/R number.)
> i know how to cool 200W/SF but i do not know how to cool 333W/SF unless
> everything in the rack is liquid cooled or unless the forced air is
> bottom->top and the cabinet is completely enclosed and the doors are never
> opened while the power is on.

If you have water for the racks:
(there are other vendors too, of course)

The CRAY bid for the DARPA contract also has some interesting
cooling solutions as I recall, but that is a longer way out.

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