Cable-Tying with Waxed Twine

Mark Foster blakjak at
Thu Jan 25 03:47:07 UTC 2007

> age of 35).  Also you could ask your friendly local full license, old school 
> radio ham etc etc...  It's a dying skill, not because it isn't good, but 
> because it takes training/practice and time.  Tiewraps (Zip ties) are cheap, 
> quick and require little (if any) training.

When I sat my ham license, tying cables wasn't a component of the course. 
:)  Though of course, many older-school licensees are probably from telco 
or professional RF backgrounds. (We wont mention how many years _under_ 
the average age, I am...)

The other thing I found interesting; The use of Zip Ties on Copper Cabling 
is frowned upon by BICSI.  Velcro preferred.

Something to do with the compression on a twisted-pair cable caused by 
over-tight nylon cable ties screwing with their twist rates, and thus 
changing their Crosttalk characteristics...

Mark. (Sporting the scars from poorly trimmed cable ties!)

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