Cable-Tying with Waxed Twine

Matthew Sullivan matthew at
Thu Jan 25 02:37:13 UTC 2007

Dan Mahoney, System Admin wrote:
> Upon leaving a router at telx and asking one of their techs to plug in 
> the equipment for me, I came back to find all my cat5 cables neatly 
> tied with some sort of waxed twine, using an interesting looping knot 
> pattern that repeated every six inches or so using a single piece of 
> string.  For some reason, I found this trick really cool.
As others have already indicated (and with some good links) it's cable 

For how to's .. find anyone that has done a recognised apprenticeship in 
electrical, telecommunications, RF, or "multiskill" 
(electical/electromechanical/mechanical) and ask them to teach you (in 
this day and age of training courses, that probably means finding 
someone over the age of 35).  Also you could ask your friendly local 
full license, old school radio ham etc etc...  It's a dying skill, not 
because it isn't good, but because it takes training/practice and time.  
Tiewraps (Zip ties) are cheap, quick and require little (if any) training.



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