Colocation in the US.

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Wed Jan 24 23:45:08 UTC 2007

On 1/24/07, Deepak Jain <deepak at> wrote:
> Speaking as the operator of at least one datacenter that was originally
> built to water cool mainframes... Water is not hard to deal with, but it
> has its own discipline, especially when you are dealing with lots of it
> (flow rates, algicide, etc). And there aren't lots of great manifolds to
> allow customer (joe-end user) service-able connections (like how many
> folks do you want screwing with DC power supplies/feeds without some
> serious insurance)..
> Once some standardization comes to this, and valves are built to detect
> leaks, etc... things will be good.
> DJ

In the long run, I think this is going to solve a lot of problems, as
cooling the equipment with a water medium is more effective then trying to
pull the heat off of everything with air. But standardization is going to
take a bit.
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