Colocation in the US.

Deepak Jain deepak at
Wed Jan 24 23:36:39 UTC 2007

Speaking as the operator of at least one datacenter that was originally 
built to water cool mainframes... Water is not hard to deal with, but it 
has its own discipline, especially when you are dealing with lots of it 
(flow rates, algicide, etc). And there aren't lots of great manifolds to 
allow customer (joe-end user) service-able connections (like how many 
folks do you want screwing with DC power supplies/feeds without some 
serious insurance)..

Once some standardization comes to this, and valves are built to detect 
leaks, etc... things will be good.


Mike Lyon wrote:
> Paul brings up a good point. How long before we call a colo provider
> to provision a rack, power, bandwidth and a to/from connection in each
> rack to their water cooler on the roof?
> -Mike

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